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  • House Voriel

    h3. *House Voriel: The High Tower* The Voriel govern the east of Perlida. They have close relations with the [[Mountain Dwarves]] and profit greatly from the caravans that pass through their lands to trade with them. House Voriel are masters of the …

  • Yoran Voriel

    Yoran Voriel is the head of House Voriel and one of thw most powerful men in Perlida. Although he appears to be in hos early 40s his real age is closer to 70. Some attribute his youthful appearance to Elven blood in the family, others to magic and some to …

  • Serna Voriel

    Serna is a young woman in her early 20s. As the youngest daughter of Yoran Voriel she is a skilled but still relatively inexperienced spellcaster. She travels a great deal on behalf of her family and often tepresents their interests.

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