The Honour of House Erreys

Voriel's Dwarven Venture
Dwarves in danger

Twenty Dwarven travelers entered our city and sought audience with the Lord. The Lord called Regina S. Icarius and her two retainers, Perriere Ducart and Samuel Keeps, to his audience chamber and instructed them to see what the Dwarves wanted.

Dwarven Thane, Korrin Firebeard, and family were seeking a new place to live after being accused of cheating the Dwarven king of tribute from a mithral vein they were mining. The king exiled the family from his realms. The Swiftaxe family had most to benefit from the Firebeard family’s exile, as they were able to take possession of the vein. Firebeard family can craft fine Dwarven goods and have abilities that could benefit Errey. Regina promised to put in a good word for them, especially once they mentioned distrusting House Voriel.

Firebeard family was attacked in the night by a Lizardfolk, wizard and a group of thugs. Three of the thugs were killed but the Lizardfolk and wizard escaped; one of the Firebeard Dwarves was killed. The town guard began investigating.

Samuel went to the seedier part of town and found out the Lizardfolk was staying at an inn called the Drunken Owl, and disguised as a beggar went into the tavern and overheard the Lizardman talk of attacking the Dwarves again as he hired more thugs to replace those that had been lost the previous night. Perriere agreed to stand as bait for the next attack. The wizard was nowhere to be seen.

Later that night Samuel followed the Lizardman and a large group of thugs as they made their way across the city to attack the Dwarves. Samuel quietly killed three of the thugs in the alleys and streets leading to the inn where the Firebeards were staying.

Perriere had set a smoke trap to cause confusion at the entrance of the inn’s courtyard. Regina was hiding on the roof, waiting for the Dwarves’ enemies to appear. After a large fight, which saw Perriere kill the Lizardman with a single blow and Samuel dispatch several more thugs, the trio went back to the Drunken Owl and searched the Lizardman’s room. Of note was a bag of coins, all bearing the stamp of House Voriel.

Samuel was able to find out that the wizard had stayed in a much higher quality inn and had just left hours before. She’d been dressed in the finest and most recent fashions of Voriel style and spoke with the accent of one from the lands of Voriel.

With evidence in hand, they went and rested until an appropriate time to see the Lord. The Lord instructed them to go and capture the wizard and return her to him.

After a full day and a bit more of riding, the trio arrived to find the wizard and two retainers sleeping near a fire. After a brief fight, and being blabbed at by the wizard (something about being a member of House Voriel) she was rendered unconscious and she and her retainers were stripped of their possessions (including clothing) and tied up over their horses.

Regina, Samuel and Perriere rested and then took the prisoners back to the city. The group stopped off to see the Dwarves to get a positive identification that this was indeed the wizard who’d attacked them. The Dwarves positively identified her as their attacker.

After a very short discussion that involved hanging, stocks or just taken back to the Lord’s keep, Perriere convinced Regina that the Lord should have the final say on what should happen to the wizard. Regina, having already publicly humiliated a member of House Voriel by prancing her through the streets naked, reluctantly agreed that taking this wizard to their Lord was what should be done.

The Lord chastised Regina for treating a member of House Voriel so shamefully, but Regina defended her actions by saying that House Voriel had sent assassins into Errey’s lands to kill people there, when they should have used diplomacy to have whatever offenders removed legitimately. Regina felt that the treatment of this particular member of House Voriel was the least of what should have happened.

The Lord told them that he’d deal with the wizard and her retainers. He dismissed the trio to get some rest and told them he needed them to take a trip to Orane the following day.


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