Regina S. Icarius


Regina was born into the Icarius family four years after the Battle of the Pit. Her father, a survivor of the Battle, taught her stories of glories long past and of the treachery the other houses committed in purposely allowing House Errey to be surrounded and defeated, nearly to the last man. As a result, she has no particular love for any of the other houses.

Regina despises the Orane most for taking financial advantage of Errey’s misfortune. Slightly less despicable are the members of the High Tower, though only slightly less, since they actually have the power to help but choose not to. House Skola, with its religious fanatics, also falls in the list of those to be hated because it was their call to arms against the demons that decimated House Errey. Perhaps the only House that Regina might approve of is the Coast Lords, who keep the southern coasts clear of pirates, though they seem to stop where their lands stop.

Somewhere in her family’s history, though unknown to her, one of “Outsider” blood was introduced. Though rarely manifest in the family line, for some reason Regina seems to have been born with a little more affinity with outsiders than is seen in the aristocracy of Errey; in fact, the advent of puberty has caused more than the simple changes of maturation. Perhaps it’s not surprising that she has a knack for roguish activities and secrecy.

Regina S. Icarius

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